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TVB Calendar 2007 part 2.

Part 1: http://imjustatvbfan.blogspot.com/2007/06/tvb-calendar-2007.html

Your long awaited last post on Calendars series [you will have to wait half a year for the next post]! 2007 is a more special year with LESSER people, no more "Miss HKs" posing for the cover [I feel sad for them] and with hired Thailand professional photographers. So cool huh? Let us take a look then...

January: Anna, Elaine, Bowie, Charmaine, Leanne, Amigo, Nancy.
I know I left out one guy's name. This is because I don't know how to type his name in English. SORRY!
Anyway, this month is very WHITE. And they are holding wine glasses. A special way to welcome the new year ya?? I have not much negative comments about the photo... Cos' it's quite nicely taken. Except the women's make up a bit too much..

Feburary: Adam, Sammul, Liza, Jessica, Joe, Shermon
This photo is nice! Of course. I mean, I never liked Feburary photos... Jessica is pretty don't you all think? Was quite shocked that she did not appear in the cover of the calendar...

March: Sunny, Linda, Kenneth, Selena
This photo is TOO ARTISTIC. Linda looks weird. I thought she looked better on the cover. Selena is pretty of course. When I saw Sunny he reminded me of a character,"Hui Man Keung" in The Bund.. Haha.. Kenneth looks depressed. But he's still handsome to me!

April: Yoyo, Ron, Charmaine, Matthew, Winnie
No offence, I don't like this photo. Although everyone looks alright. Too punk-ish for me I guess..

May: Steven, Melissa, Roger
ok, I may sound like a biased idiot. But, don't you all love this photo?! I mean, this is very nicely taken. Don't mistaken me for a Melissa Ng fan, but I felt that she was the prettiest in the cover page! Because Myolie, Charmaine and Bernice looked weird. [ok, Sonija Kwok looked pretty too]. Ah! Steven and Roger!!! woo hoo! [another reason why I love this photo so much]

June: Chris, Vivien, Kate, Steph
I think this is some kind of "younger generation" photo. Steph's shorts are too short! Kate's hair is nice don't you think? haha. I think Vivien looks better in shorter hair though.. And of course, Chris Lai is handsome!!! And I think the background scenery is nice..

July: Bernice, Gigi, Natalie
Wow.. Natalie had never gotten a chance to be in a TVB calendar before.. Now that she's in, she got to take photo with 2 of the 16 artises in the cover! haha... Quite a sexy photo ya.. But it's kind of plain.. "Beautiful car and Beautiful women"

August: Kenny, Fala, Bosco, Francois
I heard they fell down a lot of times while taking this photo. Luckily it turned out nice. Haha. But I still don't like Kenny Wong [no offence]

September: Sheren, Christine, Anne, Kevin
Nice clothes they are wearing! Nice background [for a second I thought they went to New York and took the photo]! But it was taken in "Ancient street"! Can you believe it?! haha. I like those badges on Kevin's shirt. Woo hoo! My favourite month! At least I'm not disappointed.

October: Vin, Tin Cheung, Sharon, Charles, Yoyo
They used real fruits for the props!! OMgosh. I think that little star behind the mountain is nice!! I thought that Sharon should have smiled. Then it would be a nice photo. Oh ya, I didn't understand why they used horn, trumpet and french horn. Do you need these during pinic?!

November: Ka Nin, Myolie, Joel, Sonija, Tavia, Raymond.
Such a modern setting, I didn't understand the background. An ancient bookshop!? haha. Anyway, Sonija looks weird. Take a look at her in the cover. She looks SOOOOOO much better there ok! Raymond is handsome, Tavia is pretty. Oh ya, why isn't Tavia in the cover page?!

December: Raymond, Shirley, Angela, Bobby, Ada, Moses
I like this photo too! Although Angela looked kinda unnatural... Haha.. Anyway, the pairs are great! =) Ada+Moses=PERFECT!!!! Yayay!! I think Raymond is handsome! haha.. Why isn't Ada and Bobby in cover page?? haiz..

oh no.. No more Frankie and Kenix in calendars.... They left TVB. Sad right??

Anyway, WHY isn't Leila and Jack in the calendar?! Im whining over this every year. They are popular yet not inside. Goooooooosh.

Anyway, I won't update from 25th to 29th. I have Mid Year Exams in JC...

Oh no, I have no idea what to post next. Maybe series [OLD series] reviews? Wow, it's 330 am. Till then.

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