Sunday, June 17, 2007

TVB Calendar 2006.

We are back, with more people in the calendar, where more people are painfully squeezed into the calendar. Which is quite weird.

Cover page: I'm too lazy to name everyone.

Jan and Feb

We have: Sunny, Frankie, Bowie, Roger, Bobby and Adam
I think the photo is trying to tell us that these are the "leading" men in TVB ya?

March and April

We have: Winnie, Melissa, Jessica, Charmaine, Gigi, Sonija
The one before was leading men, now these are the leading women. Quite shocked about Winnie's presence in the photo. I expected Ada Choi and Kenix though.. Gigi rose really fast after War and Beauty ya? I mean, do you all remember seeing her in calendars before?

May and June

We have: Matthew, Fala, Sharon, Bernice, Ron, Myolie, Anna, Bosco, Chris
Just now were leading men and women. Now are they trying to say,"Future leading men and women"?

July and August

We have: Winnie, Vin, Raymond, Linda, Ada, Kate, Kevin, Elaine, Amigo
It's quite obvious Ada is the "main character" in this photo. I like this photo. It's natural and soothing...

September and October

We have: Rocky, Joel, Kenneth, Yoyo, Moses, Tavia, Steven, Vivien, Steph
Hey! Steven is back! But I prefer him with shorter hair...

November and December

The Nov Dec photo looks like this in full..
We have: Leanne, Johnson, Mandy, Selena, Kenix, Joe, Shirley, Evergreen, Charles, Derek, Kenny
This photo gives that party party feeling hor? haha..

No more Who's In? this year.. Cos' I will end up writing an essay.

Who's out?: Sammul Chan [I was utterly shocked], Nancy Sit, Anne Heung [I was shocked too], Flora Chan [cos she left TVB], Michelle Ye [she left too].

Anyway, since I don't have any Who's in? category, I should say who I expected to be inside the calendar.

I expected:
1. Jack Wu. I mean, hey! He's getting more and more popular don't you all realise?! He should be in the calendar. I expected him in either the cover page or the may/june issue.
2. Sammul Chan. Like erm, he's one's of the few leading young actors in TVB, why is he not in the photo?!
3. Wong Hei. He's a terrific actor, he's popular, he's widely used by TVB, why the absence?
4. Leila Tong. I just feel that she should be in the calendar. That's all.

I'm sure I left out quite a few names, but I can't think of any now. Pardon me. haha.

One word to describe 2006's calendar: Disappointed.

They are just trying to cram every single one of them into the calendar! That is not going to work! The people whom they left out might feel inferior! No wonder 2006's TVB anniversary prize winners were disappointments too. I think TVB fans might know what I am trying to imply. I mean, WAYNE LAI should have won that award for his marvelous acting in Safe Guards!!!!!!!!!!!!! And.... ok shan't elaborate.

Anyway, 2007 is a much better year, look out!

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