Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tvb Calendar 2005.

Hi! I'm back again. This year has got lesser people in the calendar as you all can see.. Which is kinda good because you can see everyone clearer...

Cover: Queenie Chu, Kate Tsui, Fu Sze Sze
I thought the mountain at the background resembles Hollywood. Haha! I think Queenie Chu is pretty! But she has too many negative reports... She was the most popular choice for Miss Hk tt time from what I remember..

January: Sammul, Charmaine, Bosco
They are 3 of the few rising stars then.. Charmaine has proven herself already by gettting Best Actress in 2006... I must say Bosco's hair suits him ya! So gold! haha!!

Febuary: Chris, Nancy, Shirley
I never really like Febuary photos... But I must say this is quite nicely taken... You can't expect Chinese New Year photos to look extremely nice anyway..

March: Roger and Jessica
I was extremely crazy over this pair then.... Square Pegs!!! =) But Roger's hair is erm.. WEIRD. But Jessica is pretty ya!

April: Raymond and Tavia
Hmm.. This photo looks a bit weird.. Cos Tavia looked a bit too "tall". But nvm, they are still handsome and pretty!

May: Myolie, Moses, Anne
I thought this was one of the more nicely taken photos of 2005... All three of them smile really nice! And the colour combination of their clothes = ichiban!

June: Bowie and Ada
I'm a big Ada fan, so no matter what, I will love the photos she pose in. This photo is nice anyway, I'm not biased.

July: Frankie, Kenneth, Michelle
The Herbalist's Manual trio. This is the last year Michelle poses for TVB calendar. Lucky this was much better taken compared to previous years.. One of my favourites too!! Kenneth is getting more and more handsome!

August: Adam and Melissa
2 words: Smart yet weird. The posing problem I guess...

September: Bernice and Ron
WOO HOO!! My favourite month!! Ron always poses for September [is it because he's born in September?]! I'm so happy!! They look compatitable.. I think they should pair up in some TVB series..

October: Bobby and Sonija
Photos with Bobby are always very formal don't you all realise?? And Sonija looks a little seductive here hor?

November: Kenix, Joe and Flora
I remember I fell in love with Joe Ma for a few months after watching Triumph in the Skies. haha. This is the last year Flora poses for TVB calendar!! Aww....

December: Kevin and Mandy
Mandy is no doubt pretty. Kevin is handsome. I thought they were a compatitable pair in Split Second. But she can't really act...

Who's In?: Nancy Sit [only one. there were simply too many people the year before]
Who's Out?: Wong Hei, Steven Ma [he wasn't in TVB for 1-2 years then.. Im so sad.], Joyce Tang, Deric Wan, Maggie Cheung [she left too], Lawrence Ng, Kong Wah, Nancy Wu, Leila Tong, Louis Koo [no more.. =(], Michael Tong

Stay tuned to 2006! One of the years I disliked the most..

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