Friday, June 15, 2007

TVB Calendar 2004.

2004 was the year when TVB moved to the newly built TVB city at Tseung Kwan O. So all the photos actually featured the parts of their TVB city. I thought it was really nicely done... Special ya?

2004 Cover!: Priscilla Chi, Mandy Cho, Rebec'a Yeung
The new Miss HKs. Of course they have to be at the gate! Main characters mah!

January: Ada and Roger
I love this photo! Because they are my 2 of my most favourite actor and actress of all time! Roger Kwok's popularity rose after Square Pegs and Ada Choi had always been popular. Something like King and Queen of TVB. This is the entrance to the city!

Febuary: Michelle, Adam, Joyce
The Driving Power trio.. This is the Ancient City I guess.. Haha... Modern Chinese New year feel!

March: Joe, Frankie, Jessica
This is the news broadcast station! I didn't like Joe's hair then... Too long..

April: Deric and Tavia
The Vigilante in the Mask pair! I've always liked Deric Wan [I think he's handsome], but his fame never seem to rise.. This is the 60s street!

May: Bowie, Maggie, Moses
I think this is the last time Maggie posed for TVB calendar.. This place is some control tower or something..

June: Shirley, Charmaine, Sonija
The Angels of Mission Trio! I think fans of this series will like this photo... This is shot in the canteen..

July: Myolie and Raymond
This is some kind of funky dance?? Haha. I remember I hated Myolie's hair. It just looks so weird!!!!! When I saw this hair in Net Deception I almost fainted. haha. This is taken in the dance studio. I guess this is where they have rehearsals and stuff.

August: Flora, Lawrence and Kevin
Kevin was another rising star then! He can sing!!!! =) Is this taken in some interview room? I'm not so sure. But they sure do look serious.

September: Ron, Steven, Wong Hei
This is my favourite month!! And there are 3 of my favourite stars in this photo!!!!! OMG!! haha. But I thought Ron don't look like Ron.. A bit white??.. He rose extremely fast that time... I remember initially their photo was taken in another place... Standing instead of sitting, don't know why they changed their plan... Anyway, this is at the satellite!

October: Kenix and Bobby
The Shine on You pair! This is taken in the make up room. This photo is the most formal of all photos.

November [a]: Anne, Kwong Hwa, Melissa
Don't you all realise, this 2 ladies always pair up with this gentleman here in many TVB series??? But they are compatitable I must say. This is taken in the hall.. I think the MV for 讲不出声 was taken in this place too.

November [b]: Chris, Kenneth, Nancy, Sammul, Leila and Bosco
I was shocked when I saw 2 Novembers for this year's calendar. I guess they have too many people to feature in calendars. The younger generation!!! I'm a fan of 4 of the 6. Haha. Most of them have risen to act as male/female leads already.. This is taken in the photo shoot room..

December: Bernice, Louis and Michael
I like this photo! Don't know why.. Just like it. This is the last time Louis took a TVB photo for TVB.. After 6 years...

Who's In?: Chris Lai, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Michael Tong, Shirley Yeung, Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu, Myolie Wu, Deric Wan, Tavia Yeung, Kong Wah, Leila Tong, Kevin Cheng
Who's Out?: Yoyo Mung, Benny Chan, Marco Ngai, Liza Wang, Gallen Lo [he left TVB], Nancy Sit

Basically, they are adding more and more people every year. 2006's one is worse. And one of the years I disliked the most.

Ok! Tune in to 2005!!~~

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