Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TVB Calendar 2003.

This year's calendar had quite a major change.. No more 'pairs' already. They switched to groups of 2-3 instead. I remember ATV switched to single calendar [one person per month]... Nevertheless, I STILL LOVE TVB.

January: Frankie, Nancy, Bernice
Ya, Virtues of Harmony was really the "in" show then.. I remember how I sat in front of the TV for hours watching this series. It's long and not tiring. Bernice become more famous cos of this ya...

Febuary: Adam and Liza
I'm sure this is not the full size photo. But I can't find the full size photo, I'm kinda lazy to scan [the truth is I can't find the calendar anywhere in my house], so just make do with this. It looks kinda weird. But I never like Febuary calendars anyway..

March: Lawrence and Yoyo
Seriously, Lawerence Ng looks better with glasses. And I don't like the filter effect. Makes Yoyo look old.

April: Marco, Bobby and Ada
Woo hoo I love this picture!!!! Maybe because I like all three of them.. Armed Reaction! Too bad Joyce Tang is in the May photo.

May: Joyce, Charmaine and Steven
What can I say? Pretty women and HANDSOME STEVEN! I always love months with Steven [and Roger!]

June: Joe and Maggie
It looks like some advertisment for Tennis. Haha. But they do look nice in this photo!

July: Roger, Jessica and Wong Hei
Oh yay ROGER! haha. And Wong Hei! Ok, Im biased, so I like this photo. But I thought Wong Hei looks better without glasses.

August: Michelle and Raymond
I used to be so crazy over this pair. When I saw the calendar I was so particularly so excited. But I decided that Michelle can't really act... [But her performance in Eternal Happiness still rocks!]

September: Melissa, Flora and Louis
OK, Louis always looks nice in calendars. Enough said.

October: Moses and Sonija
Although Im a Moses fan, and no doubt Sonija is pretty, I don't like this photo. Why? Cos' I disliked this pair a lot in Where the Legend Begins!!!!!!!! ARGH. Make me cry so many times for Ada and Steven

November: Anne and Gallen
I think this is the last time Gallen is featured in a TVB calendar? He left TVB after that mah. Must check the 2004 calendar first.

December: Benny, Kenix and Bowie

Who's In?: Bernice Liu, Nancy Sit, Benny Chan, Marco Ngai, Joyce Tang, Moses Chan, Joe Ma, Liza Wang, Adam Cheng
Who's out?: Maggie Siu, Gordon Lam [cos' he left TVB], Kong Wah [Because so many people were added this year you see..]

Stayed tuned to 2004! I will update 2 days later. I have something on tomorrow. =)

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