Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TVB Calendar 2002

Here it comes! All the stars are looking better and better!

January: Jessica and Louis
Them again! They are a nice pair. And I guess everyone is so used to seeing them as a pair that they look so natural.

Feburary: Melissa and Lawrence
They love to put Lawrence in Feburary don't you all realise?! haha..

March: Gallen and Yoyo
I remembered I disliked Yoyo a lot when I watched The "W" Files and Armed Reaction 4. But after I watched The Charm Beneath, I fell in love with her. Another rising star. But I hated her character in Heart of Greed!!!!

April: Ada and Wong Hei
I just love Ada so much! I think Wong Hei rocks too!! AND I LOVE THIS PHOTO!! I loved it so much that I almost pasted it all over my house [I printed a lot out] But I didn't cos' I know my mum would remove everything. [She will think I'm crazy. Yes, indeed I am]

May: Maggie and Frankie
It just looks a little weird. haha I thought Frankie looked better in last year's photo.

June: Maggie and Gordon
They are paired up together again. It's either she's with Gallen or him. But they look nice together. One of my favourite photos! Quite sad he left TVB

July: Bobby and Kenix
I like them as a pair!! Reminds me of Shine on You! haha!!! yay! Another favourite!

August: Roger and Charmaine
I LOVE ROGER KWOK!!!!! Im not a Charmaine fan I won't say a lot about her..

September: Raymond and Michelle
I loved their chemistry so much in Eternal Happiness!! But I'm not a Michelle fan now... Sometimes I thought the way she smiles is a bit weird.

October: Sonija and Steven
STEVEN is ever handsome and since 2000 his fame has been rising until now!! But I'm not a Sonija fan though...

November: Flora and Bowie
Is this the 2nd time they are pairing up? But I think they look natural together.

December: Anne and Kong Wah
Reminds me of Titanic. I think they look good together. I mean, they are paired up together for so many shows...

Who's In?: Yoyo Mung, Maggie Siu, Raymond Lam, Michelle Ye [they are the 2 rising young stars then..], Kong Wah
Who's out?: Annie Man, Dayo Wong, Marriane Chan [I'm so sad!! She left TVB!], Felix Wong, Nicola Cheung

Basically, this year's didn't have much changes... Next years, the changes will be quite drastic. Cos they removed the "one pair per photo" policy and made it "2-3 people per photo" policy...

Tune in to 2003's calendar then!

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