Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tvb Calendar 1999.

I LOVE CALENDARS! They always give me surprises... I can't seem to find the scans of the 1998 ones.. I only have the Gallen and Maggie's month and the Kenix+Sunny's month.. The photos also tell us how different the TVB stars look now... haha.. and of course their popularity.. I also realised that the photos in the past used to be in PAIRS.. Now it's in groups. I thought in pairs will be good [can see them clearer] but in groups you will have more TVB stars starring in the calendar.. They have their PROS and CONS ya...

January: Gallen and Maggie
They used to be such a popular on screen couple.. I loved them in Old Time Buddy. I bought the VCD because of them ok! Now Gallen left TVB and Maggie is coming back to TVB [after a long long rest..]

Feburary: Lawrence and Kenix!!! Thanks rain!
I thought this photo looks a bit.. weird. But it's the Chinese New Year month so I understand the rediness in this photo.

March: Nancy and I forgot this guy's name. SORRY!
Anyway, I thought they are very cute in A Kinded Spirit, a at-least-one-thousand-episode long series. Got quite tired of watching it. But I still finished it. It was sad that I only started after Kenix's part ended...

April: Benny and Joyce!
It took me ages to realise this girl is Joyce. HAHA. But anyway, I think this is one of my favourite in the 1999's calendar.. THEY LOOK SO HAPPY AND YOUNG! haha.

May: Gordon and Marriane
Haiz. Both of them are in TVB no more. I was a big Marriane fan! But I'm glad to see that she's been very successful in her new career.

June: Louis and Jessica
I almost mistook them for some real life couple. haha. I thought they were very compatitable in Man's Best Friend and Detective Investigation Files IV.

July: Ben and Cheung Wai Yee
They are a couple in A Kinded Spirit right? I remember how much I loved Ben's role in that series. So handsome! Still remember his character name. Sheung Hoi! haha. But now he keeps acting as bad guy after returning to TVB..

August: Nick and Ada
I remember I hated Nick Cheung a lot last time when he killed Ada Choi's character in Secret of the Heart. I like this photo too! So colouful! And notice that Ada's is getting more and more prettier!

September: Sunny and Fiona Leung. thanks rain again!
Sorry! I'm not sure who she is!!!!!! This picture gives a very autumn feeling ya?

October: Bowie and Flora
I remember I loved Flora a lot in File of Justice. haha.. I think this photo gives tt cool cool feeling....

November: Felix and Amy
I remember them in the Secret of the Heart. Didn't see Felix Wong in series for very long already....

December: Bobby and Esther
When I saw this photo, the first thing that came to my mind: TAMING OF THE PRINCESS!
The most hilarious duo! yay!

Tune in to the 2000 calendar!


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