Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TVB 2001 Calendar.

Im sure now the calendars will look more familliar.. Cos I think most of you all will have it. As technology advances, you will notice how much nicer and nicer the TVB calendar photos will look. I thought the 2001's calendar is one of those I like the most [actually I love all. But I was kind of disappointed with the 2006 calendar.]

Cover: Margaret Kan, Vivien Lau, Maree Lau
It seems that they are not in TVB anymore right? I don't remember seeing them in any TVB series before. Unless I have grandmother memory of some sort. But the cover do looks pretty. Unlike previous years where the Miss HK just wear their gown and pose for the cover. And I realised I've never posted the cover pages before. Shall do that next time.

January: Wong Hei and Jessica
Wong Hei's shirt is so cute! And Jessica looks kinda out of place in pink. But that's the purpose! SO CUTE!

Feburary: Lawrence and Flora
Looks like Flora is doing Salsa and Lawrence is doing some "I miss the 60s" action. And it's so reddish. But Febuary is always like this. At least he looked better compared to the 1999 photo.

March: Gordon and Kenix
Kenix gets prettier and prettier and Gordon more and more handsome! Spring is ending!

April: Ada and Steven
OMG! I was so excited when I saw the photo. I loved them in On the Track or Off. Such a cute pair! I loved them so much in Where the Legend Begins. I watched it 3 times, and I cried 3 times. So emotional. But this is one of the few pairs that will me CRY for them non stop. Notice, Ada's eyes are so pretty! And Steven Ma is cool ok!

May: Frankie and Annie
When I first saw Annie Man, I didn't like her. But when I saw her performance in Colourful Life, I totally changed my mind. She could really act then! Now, TVB is underpromoting her.. She's been appearing less in TVB series already... I quite like this photo. 2 of them look good!

June: Melissa and Felix
I thought this photo looked the weirdest amongst all the photos. I mean this look don't suit Melissa at all! That shirt reminds me of Chun Li, that yellow "Shuang Jie Gun" reminds me of Bruce Lee and that hair... Erm. Weird. Lucky Felix don't look that weird.

July: Gallen and Charmaine
It's summer! That swimming suit Gallen wore reminded me of Bruce Lee too! Charmaine was a rising star then. She looks so much better now. =) But the clownfish at the background is ya, out of place.

August: Dayo and Marriane
First time Dayo in TVB calendar. He became very popular after War of the Genders although he acted as some "jerk". Cute photo ya?? haha!! I miss Marriane on screen!

September: Roger and Nicola
Seriously, Im not a Nicola fan. I only saw her in Reaching out. [Nicola fans don't kill me] but I didnt really like her. But she's not in TVB now [am I right?] I'm a Roger Kwok fan! I guess Treshold of an Era really gave him a placing in TVB [but no prizes until Ah Wong!]

October: Bowie and Maggie
Looks like some kind of fashion show advertisment. Bowie looks cool here! [Im not a fan of his]. And I miss Maggie on screen!

November: Anne and Bobby
The ever cute cute Bobby always looks nice in TVB calendars!! And Anne didn't disappoint me too! She was one of the highly promoted stars then too.... Myolie, Raymond, Michelle [ok, she left], Bosco, Kenneth, Chris, Moses, Tavia, Bernice, Leila ETC didn't even have a share to be in the calendar... Until Raymond and Michelle started the ball rolling.... [Tune in to the next one! 2002!]

December: Louis and Sonija
December is snowy season of course you will have to ice skate! Louis Koo isn't from TVB, but he always appears in TVB calendars. But I like it. Cos' he's handsome! He's either in January or December... haha. And it took me eons to realise that girl is Sonija.

Who's in?: Sonija Kwok, Steven Ma, Annie Man, Melissa Ng, Nicola Cheung, Dayo Wong
Who's out?: Esther Kwan, Nick Cheung, Ekin Cheng, Fennie Yuen, Christine Ng, Jade Leung

The list of people in the TVB calendar are quite standard right?

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