Monday, June 11, 2007

TVB 2000 Calendar.

This year's one is more special. It's the Millenium so they look more high tech. But erm, this year's calendar looks weird.

January: Louis and Anne.
It's the beginning of a new era! =) They look weird with that hairstyle of theirs.

February: Bowie and Kenix
I quite like this photo! haha. The background is so soothing! And ya, Kenix was so preety! So different from the 1999 one. =p

March: Felix and Jade Leung [thanks again]
Such a jungle-ly feeling! I thought Felix reminded me of Han Solo [Star Wars character] when I saw him.

April: Bobby and Marriane
I used to love them as a pair so much!!!!!!!!!! Esp in Happy Ever After. So cute! And that light bulb Marriane was holding is so cute. How I wish it exists.

May: Esther and Lawrence
When I saw this I got a SHOCK. So exaggerated!!!!! That hair of Esther's. haha!

June: Ekin and Fennie
I'm biased against Ekin so I think I better remain silent.

July: Sunny and Charmaine
Looking at the photo will show how fast Charmaine rose as a star. Ever since she got into the showbiz she has been appearing in the calendars.

August: Ada and Roger
I loved them as a pair so much can!!!!!! But so sad they only paired together in Treshold of an Era only? I fell in love with Roger Kwok after watching this series!

September: Flora and Gallen
Cool photo ya? Another Treshold of an Era pair.

October: Frankie and Christine
I thought this photo look very elegant! Nice stairs! But I dun like Christine's hair.

November: Maggie and Gordon
Very whitish, very pure feeling when I saw this photo! Like very inspirational kind hor?

December: Jessica and Nick
They look happy but ya, their make up is weird...........................

Who's In?: Christine Ng, Frankie Lam, Anne Heung, Charmaine Sheh, Roger Kwok, Ekin Cheng, Fennie Yuen
Who's Out?: Ben Wong, Cheung Wai Yee, Joyce Tang, Benny Chan, Fiona Leung, Amy Kwok, Nancy Sit

Standard people take the photos...

Look out for 2001!!

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