Friday, June 8, 2007

My first post.

After much consideration [when I was sleeping last night I kept thinking.. Couldn't sleep you see..]

Instead of blogging about my life and TVB in one blog, I might as split this up into 2. You see, TVB fans are not interested to know about my life, my friends are not interested to know about TVB.

Actually, I've been wondering, WHY DID I LIKE TVB??

I think it all started when I was 12 - 13? When I was watching Treshold of An Era [this series was such a hit in the 2000s]. I became so CRAZY over Roger Kwok that I started to find articles about him. Then I realised that I loved TVB a lot. [Even way before that..]

When I was young, I only watch Hong Kong made serials [not ATV ones. I can differentiate]. I don't watch Singapore made dramas although I'm Singaporean. Then I realised the series I watched are TVB productions. I remember I watched shows like Cold Blood Warm Heart, File of Justice, Detective Investigation Files when I was VERY young. [These are CLASSICS!]

Then came this Roger Kwok craze in me that made me buy TVB magazines. I rather not eat and save up to buy all the magazines, hoping to see some articles about him. Then I went to this VCD rental shop, then I realised,"Oh! They rent TVB dramas!" My brother in law rented The Final Combat, which was such a BLAST and so I went ahead to be a member, and started to rent TVB series. Subsequently, I realised that I like stars like Steven Ma and Ada Choi a lot. Just that I didn't realize it.

After that, I know there is this thing called internet. I learnt how to use it and started to search for all the photos in the world of my idols I can find. I even used the computer until late in the night.

I think I'm gonna use this site as a medium to know more TVB fans....... and find out more TVB stuff of course! =)


Some of the photos I found during my early TVB craze days...

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