Friday, May 4, 2007

-Kenneth Ma and Nancy Sit singing during TVB stars Tour in Singapore. (: Do credit if taken! Do not distribute in streaming sites!

TVB Theme Songs for download.

Please INFORM me if links are not working by tagging on my tagboard! And if you want me to upload to another file host, please tag on the board too! (: I don't upload a lot of songs here. If you request I will upload *If I can find them that is...* NO ALBUM REQUESTS. ENJOY!

Note: All songs are in FULL VERSION! *because I don't like ripped songs*
* - Means newly added
** - Links fixed

In Alphabetical Order:
A Journey Called Life main theme. 小故事
D.I.E main theme. 花樣奇案
Eternal Happiness main theme
Eternal Happiness sub theme. 记得忘记
Gem of Life main theme. 鑽禧 **
Legend of Demigods sub theme. 發誓 **
Love Exchange main theme. 愛情遊戲
Journey to the West 3 main theme. 高高在下
Moonlight Resonance main theme. 無心害你
Moonlight Resonance sub theme. 愛不夠
Revolving Doors of Vengeance main theme. 心计 **
Speech of Silence main theme. 直覺
Survivors' Law 2 main theme. 選擇我
The Four main theme. 風暴
The Last Breakthrough main theme. 心呼吸 **
The Master of Tai Chi sub theme. 浮生若水
The Seventh Day subtheme. 抱著空氣
The Silver Chamber of Sorrows main theme. 認命
Ten Brothers Main theme. 十指紧扣
Ten Tigers of Guangdong subtheme [ATV]
When A Dog Loves A Cat main theme. 當狗愛上貓
When Easterly Showers Falls on Sunny West main theme. 愛在天邊 **
When Easterly Showers Falls on Sunny West sub theme. 陪你哭也只得我 **
Your Class or Mine main theme. 好學為福


Danis said...

Hi! Do you have the sub theme song of net deception sung by wong hei? I love this song and the instrumental too. I've been searching for this song and hope you could upload it or email to me if possible. Thanks a lot!

Christine said...

sorry for the late reply!! cos I rarely check comments that are posted here... I don't have the subtheme, precisely cos the drama was never released in hongkong so the full version of the song is nv released. (: sorry!

Danis said...

it's ok hun. hope the song would be released soon. thanks for your reply. :)