Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tvb series links.

(Alphabetical order. Just click on the series that you want!)

Review of 2008
Review of 2007

The following reviews are based on my own opinion. If anyone is offended, please do not take it too hard...

A Change of Destiny Intro
A Pillow Case of Mystery Intro
A Pillow Case of Mystery Review
A Journey Called Life intro
Au Revior Shanghai Intro
Bar Bender Intro
Bar Bender Review
Better Halves Intro and Review
Bitter Bitten Intro
Biter Bitten Review
Catch Me Now introduction
Dance of Passion Intro
Devil's Disciples Intro and Review
D.I.E intro
Fathers and Sons intro
Food For Life [Yummy Yummy] Intro and Review
Forensic Heroes Intro
Forensic Heroes Review
Forensic Heroes 2 intro
The Gentle Crackdown Intro and Review
Guts of Men Intro
Hidden Treasures Intro and Review
Into Thin Air Intro and Review
King of Yesterday and Tomorrow Intro and Review
La Femme Desperado Intro
Lady Fan Intro and Review
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion Intro
Life Made Simple Intro
Life Made Simple Review
Lofty Water Verdant Bow Intro and Review
Lost in the Chamber of Love Review and Intro
Love Bond Intro and Review
Love Exchange intro
Love Guaranteed Intro
Love Guaranteed Review
Men In Pain Intro
Men Don't Cry intro and review
Net Deception Intro and Review
Not Just a Pretty Face Intro and Review
On the First Beat Intro
On the Track or Off review
Phoenix Rising Intro
Revolving Doors of Vengeance Intro
Riches and Stitches Intro and Review
Safe Guards Intro and Review
Scavengers Paradise Intro and Review
Seed of Hope Intro
Shine on You Intro and Review
Silver Chamber of Sorrows intro
Speech of Silence Intro
Square Pegs Intro and Review
Steps intro
Survivors Law Intro and Review
Survivor's Law 2 Intro
Sweetness in the Salt intro
Ten Brothers Intro and Review
The Brink of Law Intro and DETAILED Review
The Charm Beneath Intro
The Charm Beneath Review
The Drive of Life Intro
The Family Link Intro
The Final Combat Intro and Review
The Gentle Crackdown 2 Intro
The Green Grass of Home Intro
The Greatness of a Hero intro
The Master of Tai Chi introduction
The Money Maker Recipe intro
The Seventh Day introduction
To Catch the Uncatchable Intro and Review
To get Unstuck in Time Intro and Review
To Grow with Love Intro
To Grow with Love Review
Trimming Success Intro
Triumph in the Skies Intro and Review
Trust of A Lifetime Intro and Review
Twin of Brothers Intro and Review
Under the Canopy of Love Intro
Under the Canopy of Love Review
War of the In-laws 2 intro
When Rules Turn Lose Intro
White Flame Intro

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